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DIY recording


released November 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Have It All Padova, Italy

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Track Name: Untitled
finally I’m invigorating my own life
I finally got your smile off my fucking mind
no, I don't hate you anymore, years have passed
I’m not that same old boy, that I was before

years have passed and those tears seasoned all away
and now I know, it was the best thing that you didn’t stay

you didn’t stay, no you didn’t stay

the people say we’ve grown up since that night,
I’m happy as I know, we both will do just fine
I mean you really know how far it went
as we still know, everything comes to an end

guess we had some good times
and we never stayed the same
still I’m fucking lucky
that you went away

you just run away
you still run away
Track Name: Circles
we’re running in circles, we keep running on
but we’re running into this direction too long
just running those circles when running seems so wrong
so why are we running on?

we all try to make our decisions in life
trying to find our road that’s right
trying to make it all worthwhile
while trying to strive in a world
that fucking dies

No, we gotta look up ahead
Up to brighter skies up to brighter days
just behind our doubts
where we will find our place

our days will pass – our time moves on
we gotta change – what seems so wrong

stepping out of a life I no longer understand
wasted words which I no longer comprehend
memories they sleep behind my closed eyes
chasing a dream, chasing a life, chase just another lie
my own lies.
Track Name: Create
memories, I create everyday,
while hiking on these new paths
and you all start to fade

I’m not looking back, I’m just lacing up my shoes
with too much inspiration – too many things to lose

and what can you else go for – when the distance’s my affection
travel for your heart – but avoid the attractions

many places yet to see – and many faces yet to greet
postcards to be written – for the people , the ones I need

then we tell ourselves the stories about the long forgotten days
but I’m still on the run not meant to be placed
into your witch-hunt through our past
let’s focus on tomorrow instead of our scars
the time is still running and faster it gets
so pack up your things but leave your regrets
your regrets

yes, I created the demons haunting my nights
for every pretty face, every time
I cannot let go that bitter sweet taste
with denial and isolation making my days
and I’m moving from places, leaving my marks
leaving small pieces like parts of my heart
and when the devil is speaking I dig every word
I’m leaving the people, leaving them hurt.
but this is me, the walking mess
trying to try while trying my best
Track Name: Side By Side
I just found a photo of good times tonight
with all of us together man – side by fucking side

but you lost it all, cause you don‘t know
where to turn or where to fucking go

first you lost your job, then lost your faith and
months seem too long in this common fucking game

and now you embrace the blackest nights,
just to see another fucking day die
counting all your fallbacks, losing all the lust
slowly drink your misery, your life to dust

so how does it feel to fail on your goals?
fail on all those things the ones love the most?
fail on everything

all he was waiting for was just another fight
an excuse to put an end to his life
last call on his brother, just to say goodbye
and another family lost blood that night

leave it all back, just ignore the light
forget everything that once was so right
so what is it like to fail on all your goals?
fail on all those things, the ones love the most?

you left us alone, you just ran away
you left us in grief, caused endless pain
we can never ever forget that my friend
how you stole that chance,
to be our friend in the end
Track Name: Tonight
we’re going out - we’re going down
while all the drinks will do their best
there’s no way home, the sun ain’t here
i can’t let go what seems so clear

the beers are cold, the music’s loud
down with our friends not with our doubts
I’d love to stay but time’s a whore
one last drink (is) what...

this is what we’re looking for

as we move on, no need to fight
we all hide from the morning light
no space for hate this ain’t a quest
another night – no time to rest

now let the waves take me away
I wanna close my eyes
drown myself in your shame
just to end this day
end this day
Track Name: Changes
a storm is coming
the rain is pouring down
but I won’t try to run,
I won’t try to hide
is there anything more in my life?

anything more to live for
anything more to find
anything more to like
anything more to make
make me feel complete?

I’ve met faces, been to places, settled anywhere
I never felt that I could rest my head in your arms

time is running, she’s always running and I can’t stop
I’m not safe from all those things, that I’ve left undone

time is running, always running
my time is quickly running out

we conquered the nights as we stumbled into the daylight
we cursed the morning sun and wished we’d never wake
waking up all alone

I won’t fail, I will try,
I won't fail and
I will find my way